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Business @ the BCA

Brooklyn Center Academy offers a comprehensive series of Business Education classes for enrolled students. These classes are offered on a rotational schedule and include the following:

Introduction to Business
Discover the world of business and the opportunities for you as a consumer, employee, manager or entrepreneur. This course provides the foundation for all other business classes.

Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Learn and apply the principles of marketing to your favorite team, act, or entertainer! American consumers love their sports teams and entertainment superstars. Learn the secrets of building demand, and winning consumer loyalty while earning a living in this exciting career field!

Business Management and Leadership
Learn the secrets of successful management and leadership. Great managers and leaders are not born, they are taught and trained. Start your training in this class.

Entrepreneurs drive the economy and create the next big thing! Learn how and see if being an entrepreneur is for you.

Personal Finance
Handle your money like a pro! This course will teach students money management using hands-on, real-life exercises. Students will open a checking account, rent an apartment, apply for credit, look for a job, buy new and used cars, complete tax forms as they learn to handle their money.

Street Law
Discover the exciting world of law and how it affects your personal and business life. This course will help you achieve an understanding of legal principles you will use in real-life situations as a student, employee and as an adult.